Stichting Sneeuw is a foundation created with the primordial intention of designing and organizing Slow Down Winter Performance Festival. Stichting Sneeuw seek to promote and incentive cultural practice that works in the line that separate visual and performative art, understanding this barrier as a flexible, permeable or even breakable. Performance art brings a different way of time consumption into the contemporary art scene, in most of the occasions, confronting to the spectators with him/herself as a cultural being.

The board that conform Stichting Sneeuw is represented by Boris Gerrets, as a Chairman and Mark Jansen as a Secretaris and Treasure. Boris Gerrets is an internationally acclaimed documentary filmmaker. He is the recipient of a number of grants and has toured and shown his work internationally in museum and gallery exhibitions and video and film festivals. Gerrets' most recent film, People I Could Have Been and Maybe Am (2010) received the IDFA Best Mid-Length Doc Award, BELDOCS FIPRESCI Award, HOTDOCS Honorable Mention, VISION DU RÉEL Best Direction Mid-Length Doc and was nominated for TIME OUT Best City Film Award. About Mark Jansen, we could highlight his work as a production leader since 1999 for Stichting DasArts, or his most recent work as producer for StrangerFestival from the European Cultural Foundation.

With Slow Down Winter Performance Festival, Stichting Sneeuw is looking to create a platform for dialog and research, focusing the attention in the speediness of the contemporary society, and the strategies used by artist to put it under question and even proposing different approaches in time consumption.